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Arsenal – Manchester United: the golden past where this was

Degradation in terms of performance of the teams in this season, plus the severity and gravity when Arsenal face Manchester United are not as likely to make old England derby takes place this weekend to become “devaluation”.
Premier League was born in 1992 so far seen many famous derby, while Arsenal and Manchester indispensable. Thanks to these two names, the quality of football in the island “Fog” is enhanced, leading to the intriguing, dramatic in the championship race takes place extremely stressful.


Sir Alex retires, Wenger no chance encounters with rivals, whom he always had the greatest respect since its Arsenal. Turn the clock back in time about time Wenger’s Arsenal beat Manchester United by Ferguson’s 1997/98 season, the game “Gunners” won the final with a 3-2 (David Platt scored the decisive goal ) has opened the first phase implacable hatred between two people associated with the two teams.

Arsenal – Manchester United: the golden past where this was – 1

England derby between Arsenal – Manchester United in the past always occurs extremely stressful, intense

From Henry’s shootout screen – Van Nistelrooy in attack or fight in the midfield between the two “gladiators”, Roy Keane – Patrick Vieira, all the history records a meticulous way to honor Arsenal and Manchester United is the classic game of pairs of English football.

Arsenal failed miserably 1-6 at Old Trafford 2000/01 season, the match Wenger clearly felt the painful humiliation of career coaches. But they, too, are the happiest when Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-0 in 2003 with a negative balance of Alex Ferguson shoe flying “donated” David Beckham.

Change and devaluation

Time changes entail the appeal from Arsenal, Manchester United changed. There will be no matches in a “Battle of Old Trafford” (first game smell violence between the two teams on May 09/2003) or pizza, tomato soup and two sides threw it together in MU termination date string of 49 unbeaten Arsenal in 10/2004.

The stability of MU the final years of his career put Sir Alex “Reds” gain the upper hand in the clashes Arsenal. Easy to recognize, though victorious, but the pride of the 90-minute peak is no longer as before. Even the two teams also face boring performances like last season when Manchester United won 1-0 in the first leg, second leg also ended with the score goalless draw at the Emirates.

Arsenal – Manchester United: the golden past where this was – 2

The downfall of both teams put a lot of skepticism about boring match 90 this weekend

Manchester United manager Sir Alex post innumerable difficulties standing in front of achievement. David Moyes can not just put in the position to “Theater” finishing in 7th place last season. So far, the arrival of Van Gaal and 150 million pounds Dutchman was thrown on the transfer market has yet to make a clear blueprint. Manchester United 2014/15 season still playing very erratically, giving sense to the viewers heart attack after 11 rounds have passed in the Premier League.

Arsenal did not fare much better. They just stood over Manchester United 1 rank on the charts with relatively poor performance over time. Many faces additional quality or Mesut Oezil Alexis Sanchez, but the storm caused injury “Gunners” innumerable difficulties encountered in human resources. They played well against Sunderland (2-0) and Burnley (3-0), but then again playing very disappointed with Anderlecht (3-3) and Swansea (losing 1-2) in the closest match .

Ambitious top-4 is the current target of Arsenal and Manchester United. But, though determined to find ways to win, to reconstruct the epic derby, in a chaotic, cursing even scuffles in the past is impossible for both at this time .

Declining value derby will entail 90 minutes of suspense seemed to make fans frustrated boredom of it. Ridges of both Arsenal and Manchester United in derby less attractive than the other couples in the land of “fog”.

Looking to the port city, though in the circumstances, but Everton and Liverpool always step out the field with the highest determination by hostility lasted for decades. Or as the Tyneside derby between Newcastle and Sunderland are atmospheric as a real war heavily influenced hatred of the English Civil War (1 parties under the Royal, left on the side of Parliament) before.


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