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Bank that you use to deposit and withdraw money M88

M88 only allows you to own one and only one single account, registration information must match the information bank that you use to deposit and withdraw money M88. Just do not match a certain stitch you will not be able to perform financial transactions M88. Several members when registering your account is used to change the bank plans however after some time, parts of the M88 anti-fraud discovered that the player has to use one identity (two bank information alike) to engage online betting and measures that make the lock M88 account, heavier is not paid.
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Lose money, everyone sorry but in this case the error was due to you personally. During the current freedom of speech, you can say anything just does not violate the law is like getting into your betting forum in Vietnam, expressing this or that about not withdraw M88 cash or delays in the transfer … to reconsider the issue, you have to comply with the regulations yet?

Register only one account and one M88.
The transfer of funds to the account M88 you can perform in many different banks free person is your turn.
Information withdrawals, bank accounts must be owned by you, can not delegate to others when you want to withdraw money.
Betting, winning and losing is normal so if lost in the first time, do not rush just discouraged but know why you lose and try to correct by re-register if there is a new account, then the technique you are your performance will still be a failure only.

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